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Husbad April 18, 2013

Sometimes I just don’t understand, scratch that….most of the time I don’t understand my husband.  He is very into how he looks, making sure he’s always speaking effectively and making sure that deals business or personal, get done as they should.  Then again, none of those have to do with him being a husband.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a great guy; he always tries to make his family a priority, but what I do not ever understand is what makes the day THAT difficult to put a pair of shoes ten feet away into a shoe area?  Why can’t he simply go upstairs (or when we did not have an upstairs, to the next room) to take off the belt and shirt from the day rather than drape them over the couch and chair?

I remember watching an episode of “I Love Lucy” as a child and not believing that a man could make the mess that Ricky made.  Lucy went ahead and put a divider with masking tape down the room and he was able to do whatever he pleased on his side, but could not impose those habits on her side.  I remember thinking, “my dad doesn’t do that, this must just be a make-believe situation.”  My mom was back working by that point, after I was in kindergarten she decided to join the workforce again.  So now I think, as an adult (and stay at home wife/mom) that maybe this is just a life I have signed up for.  A constant battle to keep the items in the right place, and it’s not even like I have a Martha Stewart sort of nook for everything.  I am just talking about dirty clothes go in the hamper.  Dirty dishes… I don’t expect him to wash them!  I just ask that he puts them in the dishwasher.  Somehow he is capable to put the big dish in the dishwasher about 82.9% of the time, but always leaves a fork or knife just sitting by its lonesome in the sink!

I know I am not alone in this.  I have many girlfriends who go through the same thing with their husbands who do not have the same personality as my husband.  So what is it that makes men so messy and women the ones that are left behind to pick up the debris after Hurricane Steve/John/Wilbur passes through our homes?  Do we really need to have separate areas where they can be slobs?  If that is the answer then I think we might need a separate home for that situation.  I know I can get a little crazed about having things “just so” but if there is a stench coming from “the man cave” I am sure to find some sort of old food or filthy shirt that could walk out on its own if I dared to open the door.

Funny thing is:  I am the one who gets less sleep over it, I am the cranky one, I am the one who cleans it up angrily.  Meanwhile, he’s more content with life, he doesn’t get worked up about the small things.  He also generally is more cheerful.  Maybe a little disorder is good for the soul.  Maybe if I loosened up and just let things go, I just might be as easy-going as he is… but I know that when I have tried that (and secretly hoped he would get disgusted by how filthy the house got) the house looked like Mr.Messy moved in.  I think I would rather be Mr. Persnickety and have a stick up my butt but live in a nice clean comfortable and non-contaminated home.  So if you happen upon my family and see a young woman with a sour puss and a few more grey hairs than there should be, next to a jovial guy missing his belt (which consequently is still on the top of a chair); say “Hello, I see it must be cleaning day for you!”  It will be me and that way I will know you read this page.



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  1. SinoSoul Says:

    Get a maid. Welcome back to the blog

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